Portfolio Archive: Environment

The Eastern Region Alliance (ERA) works together to maximise the positive impact that 7 Councils, working collaboratively can have on their local environment and community.


By actively seeking opportunities to work collaboratively, the ERA will benefit from increased sharing of knowledge and expertise, administrative efficiencies and opportunities to seek State and Commonwealth Government funding. This will result in greater environmental and community benefits.

The ERA will pursue broader community based environmental strategies and approaches, in addition to focusing on improving their respective corporate functions, to demonstrate their leadership role in environmental sustainability.

Regional Environmental Directions

Through collaboration, leadership, facilitation, advocacy and building community resilience the Environment Portfolio aim to drive initiatives in the following directions:

  1. Manage water resources sustainably.
  2. Minimise waste to landfill and maximise resource recovery.
  3. Reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. Conserve and enhance local biodiversity.
  5. Facilitate and promote environmental initiatives within the community.
  6. Foster partnerships to improve environmental outcomes.


E-Waste Collection Days

Electronic waste, or e-waste, is an increasing issue of modern society. ERA councils have hosted very successful e-waste collection events recently to assist residents to recycle their unwanted televisions and computers.

Collaborative framework and Regional Plan

The Eastern Region Alliance (ERA), has developed a guiding framework to address environmental issues of regional importance – the ERA Regional Environmental Plan. Broad education, positive steps by Councils to reduce their environmental footprint and acting as role models for the community are just some of the foundations of the ERA Environmental Plan.


Regional Climate Change Planning

The Resilient East Project is a partnership with the Eastern Region Alliance (ERA) Councils and Adelaide City Council to develop a Climate Change Adaptation Plan for the eastern region. This deliverable is a requirement of the State Government’s Climate Change Adaptation Framework and is being funded by state and federal governments and participating councils.