New Volunteering

Federal Initiatives Group

Key Points:

  • Baby boomer retirees need more varied volunteering options that match their passions and skills – and don’t require them to be locked into long-term volunteering commitments and boring training and paperwork.
  • The eastern suburbs of Adelaide have a high representation of tertiary graduates and people employed in professional, managerial and technical roles.
  • ERA’s Ageing Strategies project team believes it is now necessary to find innovative ways of harnessing those skills and interests, and enabling Baby Boomers to go on contributing as volunteers.
  • An innovative local government proposal has been developed by the project team.
  • This will be put to the Commonwealth Government’s Living Longer, Living Better aged care reform program for funding assistance.
  • Under the proposal, ERA plans to extend online volunteering innovations developed by the Local Government Association of SA and Volunteering SA.
  • The new volunteering opportunities would be underpinned by a regional online volunteering platform that would enable volunteers to manage their own volunteering program.
  • Volunteers would register online their specific skills and interests, sign up for or update their volunteer passport, identify potential volunteering opportunities, undertake online training, and communicate online with peers and volunteer coordinators.
  • The outcome could be a new lease of life for baby Boomer retires as “professional” volunteers.

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