ERA Mayors and CEO Group


The Role of the ERA-FIG
In 2011 in a strategic initiative, the Eastern Region Alliance formed the Federal Initiatives Group (FIG) with the purpose of:

  • Maximising the benefits for infrastructure and special projects funding that can accrue to the communities that are associated with the Federal seats of Adelaide, Sturt and Makin.

  • Encouraging a close working relationship between Federal Members and the councils that make up the Group.

  • Focusing the activities of the FIG at the strategic level where it is beneficial to do so.

The FIG was made up of the ERA Mayors and CEOS, who met regularly in facilitated workshops to identify projects that could benefit the ERA region and ratepayers through expansion of its economy and improvement of the services it offered.

The FIG Projects
Over a period of three years the FIG developed a range of potential transformative projects to provide a strong agenda for its dealings with the Federal Government, with three projects in particular identified as offering benefits to the ERA region:
  • Active Ageing

  • Smart Region

  • Sustainable Water

ERA Transformative Projects
Before the 2013 Federal election, these projects were promoted through meetings with Government and Opposition Members at the level of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

ERA now has a focus on these three areas, each of which is being progressed by working parties employing the additional expertise of consultants where appropriate.


ERA FIG -The Way Forward
With the change of Federal Government arising from the 2013 Election and the resulting tightened fiscal environment, availability of Federal funding to assist with the agenda of Transformative Projects became less likely. The execution of the transformative projects will now be progressed within existing ERA resources.

Accordingly, during 2014 it was agreed that ERA FIG morph into the ERA Mayors and CEOs Group, with a focus on overseeing the progress of these major projects in the coming years.


ERA Transformative Projects Program - 2013 - 2016

Select a link from the table below to view the Key Points and further documentation for each active FIG project:

Active Ageing   Smart Region   Sustainable Water
Project 1
  Project 1
Creative Industries
to Work
  Project 1
Recreation and
Open Space
Project 2
Re-Shaping Care
    Project 2
Energy Saving
Project 3
Learners Market
  Project 2
Creating a
Health Precinct
    Project 3
Waste Water
Active Ageing
Work in Progress

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