Portfolio: Planning Policy

The Eastern Region of councils (ERA) share the challenges of a changing population profile, a Federal and State responsibility and in some areas a local, strategic objective to increase population and housing density/diversity whilst achieving an environmentally sustainable future that meets the community’s aspirations for local amenity, character and services.

The Eastern Region of councils has adopted a variety of different planning approaches consistent with the different characteristics of each area. Importantly there is value as a regional group in
sharing ideas, policies and resources in both leading and responding to important planning issues affecting the common interest of the Eastern Region of councils.

Portfolio Members
Each council’s portfolio members take advantage of the networking opportunities that arise from interactions at the regular meetings. A key element of each meeting is the information shared by each member on the planning priorities and initiatives for their council. Meetings are usually bi-monthly and the host council is rotated among the seven members as is the chairing of the group.

The ERA Planning Policy Group actions are focussed on maximising efficiency of process and quality of outcomes for Eastern Regional planning policy and related matters. Current priorities include:
  • Completion of a Regional Master Plan
  • Collaborative response & information sharing for Development Plan Amendments

Regional Master Plan
Benefits from having a Regional Master Plan include:

  • Links to each council’s key spatial strategies
  • Links to 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide
  • Cross local government boundary coordination
  • Spatial representation of the direction of the region and that of individual councils within the region
  • A tool for innovation and driving government agencies’ decisions/actions and coordination of/with agencies
  • A tool to map the staging/timing of delivery of outcomes across the region
  • A tool to drive more political coordination across ERA councils, including state, federal and other local government, non government services and providers
  • Identify key land use areas within the ERA boundary
  • Resource for future funding priorities across the region


Plan content:

The Group believes the Plan could have extensive benefit across the region. The Master Plan contains the following elements:

  • Maps with a basic commentary on their significance & implications
  • Planning Zones
  • Activity Centres (retail)
  • Transit Corridors
  • Local & Regional Connections
  • Employment Lands
Links and Documents
Greater Adelaide 30 year plan (link)
Eastern Region Alliance Planning Policy Group Terms of Reference.pdf

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