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Communities require open space and leisure facilities for enjoyment, relaxation, health and lifestyle reasons. People of all ages seek both passive and active recreation, and these facilities need to be located close to where people choose to live and work.

The role of the ERA councils is to ensure that a wide range of recreation opportunities are provided for all residents to enjoy.


Artists impression of the proposed redevelopment of the Campbelltown Leisure Centre

Regional facilities
People seek leisure and recreation both close to home, for passive recreation such as walking, and also further away (if necessary) for more organised recreation pastimes. Open Space and Leisure Facilities need to be developed on a regional basis, as people seeking recreation don’t concern themselves with Council boundaries.

As a result, the Open Space and Leisure Facilities portfolio group was tasked with conducting an audit of existing leisure facilities. The aim was to gain a regional understanding of facility provision and to identify points of difference in facilities and what activities might be better accommodated elsewhere. That report is now complete and available by following the link below. The group will continue to work towards the end goal of this project, which is a regional strategic.

It has been agreed by the CEOs and Mayors that in future it would be beneficial to identify projects that will benefit the region as a whole to help avoid duplication of facilities.

Aims of the group

  • Support of ERA objectives and the sharing of council resources
  • Establish a regional focus for open space and
    leisure facilities provision
  • Co-ordinated planning of open space, recreation and
    leisure facilities across the region
  • Identify and establish connections and relationships between existing recreation and leisure assets – for example, walking
    trails and linear park.
  • Identify and manage open space and nature corridors
  • Identify and work with external agencies to support the aims
    of the group.

Relevant industry associations that support this portfolio:

Parks and Leisure Australia

Recreation South Australia

Local Government Recreation Forum


Goals and future Projects  
ERA Regional Recreation Plan
In line with ERA objectives, the regional recreation plan will be a priority for this group.

The plan will include:
  • mapping current facilities of regional significance
  • reviewing and prioritising facilities for relevance, regional promotion and potential funding opportunities
  • developing open space and recreation strategies for the region that link existing plans for each council
Regional Funding
Similarly, the regional approach taken allows for regional funding applications, as the needs of the whole ERA community can be taken into account and the appropriate plans developed to address those needs. A regional strategy will be developed to drive an ERA approach to funding, developing and managing regional facilities and resources.


Links and Documents  

ERA Open Space and Leisure asset and facility audit April 2015 (pdf)

ERA Terms of Reference: Open Space & Leisure Facilities Portfolio (pdf)

Open Space related strategic plans from each ERA council:
Biodiversity Strategy:

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Open Space Strategy:

Open Space Strategy Plan:
Campbelltown City Council - Connecting places, spaces, people and
nature - open space directions and strategies report June 2012

Norwood Payneham & St Peters
Open Space Strategy:


Open Space Recreation Strategy 2004-2014: http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/page.aspx?u=1744

Open Space Recreation Strategy (review 2011): http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/

Urban Master Plan:

and Appendix:

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