Portfolio: Infrastructure / Assets

Local Communities need cost effective and fit for purpose assets and infrastructure to maintain a healthy and safe environment in which to live and work.

Councils, on behalf of their residents, are responsible for maintaining these assets such as sporting facilities, libraries, community civic buildings, roads, footpaths, drainage systems and playgrounds.

The ERA Infrastructure/Assets group works together to achieve synergies in asset management, economies of scale in asset construction and jointly deliver major projects that have a significant positive community impact across the region.

The ERA Infrastructure / Assets group consists of a number of hardworking professionals and technical staff from each Council eager to deliver the best possible service within resource constraints, not only to our own communities but the communities across our region.


Environmentally Sustainable Water Harvesting and Re-Use

ERA's goal is for participating councils to become totally non-reliant on increasingly expensive mains water for Council operations, including the maintenance of irrigated parks, and sporting facilities.

This can be achieved by linking aquifers and storage via a regional Aquifer Storage and Recovery system, development of a cross-Council stormwater loop around Eastern Adelaide, linking into the Waterproofing Northern Adelaide water distribution line. Feeder lines would radiate out from the loop to service individual Council's requirements.

ERA is proud to note that we have secured funding from both the Federal and State governments to deliver this project. Work is currently underway to deliver this project for our communities.


Goals and future Projects  
Aims of the group

The ERA Infrastructure and Assets portfolio will have the following objectives to guide its activities:
  • We will make improvements to the way we do things
    Consider, investigate and deliver new projects, processes and programs that have potential for improving the efficiency, effectiveness and consistency of infrastructure and asset management and service delivery across ERA.

  • We will be a voice for eastern region councils
    Provide leadership, advice and advocacy for ERA councils and seek to influence the wider local government sector, related industries, federal and state government agencies and other stakeholders in relation to matters associated with our communities’ infrastructure and asset management.

  • We will support and develop ERA council staff
    Provide a forum for personal and professional development for portfolio members and act as a key networking and learning forum for member councils.

Completion of ‘Useful Lives and Unit Rates Comparison Project’ for major asset classes


The Infrastructure and Assets Group has completed a comparison of useful lives (the period that we expect a certain asset or group of assets to be fit for purpose before maintenance and/or replacement of the asset is required) and of the unit rates (the costs attributed to certain activities) used in budgeting and planning for a range of asset maintenance and replacement activities.

This project provides details of useful life and unit rates used within each council and allows comparison to occur with a view to improving consistency and identifying significant variations between councils. It provides a mechanism for considering whether variations are justified for individual councils and to understand the financial and policy impact of any variations upon councils and to recommend potential next steps.

A single document that allows each council to compare their asset life and unit rate assumptions with those of the other ERA councils provides, at the very least, provide some assurance and validation of those assumptions that will in turn assist with any auditing concerns.

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