Portfolio: Governance
Responsible governance is a fundamental role of every Council. Informed decision making, development of appropriate policies and guidelines and public input and access to the decision making process are all key aspects of good governance.

The ERA Governance Portfolio has carriage of the following responsibilities:
  • To review key governance functions amongst the group to;
    • ensure compliance with changing legislation
    • reduce individual Council workloads
    • discuss and adopt best practice governance standards
    • satisfy community accountability requirements
  • Be leaders in the development of efficient and effective governance processes (including policy, frameworks and procedures)
  • Continue to develop and implement regional training for Elected Members that is relevant and innovative
  • Review new legislation and provide a unified response regarding its impact upon Councils to ERA Chief Executive Officers.
Corporate Governance Framework
ERA Councils have worked together to prepare a governance framework that has been implemented at the City of Tea Tree Gully. Other Councils will consider the format and content of this framework when preparing their own governance frameworks; the Group have agreed that this model represents best practice within the sector.

Response to new legislation and sector priorities
The ERA Governance Group has collaborated on several legislation and governance planning priorities to facilitate an ERA position on new or changed legislation and SA Council matters.

Regional training and development for Elected Members
Training needs for Elected Members have been assessed across the ERA region and a Shared Training and Development Schedule has been implemented.

Elections - Strategy & Caretaker Policy
The ERA Governance Group developed a joint strategy for the Local Government elections in late 2010. Issues such as election promotion, consistency in Election Caretaker Policies, introductory training for potential Councillors and induction training for new Councillors provided opportunities for collaboration. Caretaker training was offered to ERA elected members and staff in early 2014.

Policy Review
ERA Councils regularly review policies for alignment of Council positions where possible. The work requires sharing of existing policies and the development of new policies with similar principles and position statements.


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