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Working together, this portfolio in the Eastern Region Alliance is committed to fostering opportunities for professional and non-professional artists as well as high quality arts and cultural experiences for people and children from all walks of life.

Terms of reference
As part of the establishment of the portfolio, a comprehensive Terms of Reference document has been developed to guide the plans and activities of the group into the future.

2013 SALA Festival: The ERA we live in

The Arts and Culture Group launched its inaugural collaborative exhibition ‘The ERA We Live In’ on 4 August 2013 at the Prospect Gallery as part of SALA 2013.

The exhibition then toured to each ERA Council over the following 12 months.
ERA arts and culture brochure
A brochure is available that showcases the wide range of galleries, events and activities available for artists and the general public in the eastern region. Available through all ERA galleries, libraries, arts and community centres and council offices, the brochure includes details of the various cultural programs, venue locations and key contacts.

Goals and future projects
Annual SALA related activities
ERA councils have enjoyed a long association with the annual SALA festival, and this will continue through the work of the arts and culture group. Annual exhibitions and programs will be developed, building on the successes of the past and the creativity and innovation of the future.

ERA artists register
A register will be developed to allow ERA-based artists to upload their details on a web-based register, which will be available to the public as well as shared by ERA councils. Once registered, artists will be easily identified and invited to participate in exhibitions and programs.

ERA events calendar
The portfolio will bring together all the exhibition, performance, event and activity programs from the ERA region and develop a 'one stop shop' calendar to showcase arts and cultural activities.

ERA 'train the trainer' opportunity
ERA-based artists will be encouraged to share their skills with budding emerging artists and will receive training to do so. This 'train the trainer' program will equip local artists to effectively prepare training and workshops, and develop appropriate skills to transfer knowledge and ideas to the 'next generation' of artists.


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